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  • Our culture

    Markel’s culture can be described in three words: The Markel Style.

    Nearly 100 years ago, Sam Markel started this unique organization founded on core values and excellence. Markel is now a Fortune 500 publicly-traded company, with more than 15,000 employees around the world, and has earned the reputation as an industry leader covering hard to place risks.

    The Markel Style brings our culture to life and makes us stand out in the markets where we compete for talent. We come to work each day with the Style as our guide while we pursue excellence and keep a sense of humor. It inspires us to work hard, always look for a better way, share success with others, and win together. The Markel Style is who we are – it is our corporate DNA that binds us together as one family.

    At Markel, we know that our employees are our greatest competitive advantage, and therefore, we firmly believe in providing an environment in which our employees can reach their personal potential. Our diverse workforce enables Markel to make decisions and change course quickly, creatively, and effectively. We provide the highest level of service to keep Markel in leadership positions in the marketplaces where we do business.

    One of Markel’s keys to success is that we are always striving for a better way, seeking new opportunities, adapting to change, innovating, and creating.  There are always ongoing opportunities to learn and build at Markel. Some of our best ideas start from a conversation between a manager and an employee.

    Markel cares about our communities where our employees and customers live and work. Markel has a rich tradition of supporting a diverse group of not-for-profit organizations whose missions align with our philanthropic priorities. This allows us to make the most of the resources we have, and in turn, have a greater impact on our communities. Our employees are always stepping up to volunteer in their local community. Each of our major locations has an employee committee to identify charities to support each year.

    Markel is a diverse, global company which gives us the ability to serve the needs of our diverse customers around the world. Diversity makes us better business partners−embracing people’s differences fuels innovation toward success. Together, we win.

    Markel's employee resource groups:


    BEAM (Black Engagement at Markel) - BEAM seeks to improve equity, education, and engagement among Black employees along with the greater Markel community.
    The Jitneys - A group striving to enhance interaction between newer employees and well established Markel professionals while exemplifying the Markel Style.
    Markel Women’s Network - Helping build, guide, and empower employees through education, community outreach, networking, and support.
    Markel Veterans Program - Partnering with Operation Healing Forces to hire and train veterans to be part of our talented and high-performing team.

    Building one of the world's greatest companies.